Innovation and initiative
Assume challenges as opportunities to create and innovate, prioritizing solutions depending on the objective pursued: speed, solidity, reliability …
Teach to undertake.
Frustration tolerance
Assuming that mistakes are part of the learning process, failure is another stage, necessary for the achievement of the success.
Critical faculty
Analyse and evaluate the framework and consistency of the different alternatives to come to the most reasonable and proved solutions or positions, think for oneself, be objective.
Leadership and farsightedness
Learn to communicate assertively, help others to move forward, influence in the decision making, acquire and share long term and global overview.e
The result grows exponentially when ideas and knowledge are shared, when different complementary capacities and efforts are joined.
Order and organization
Learn time management, how to organise and distribute tasks in the most efficient and coordinated way. Deepen commitment and implication in the problem-solving.